Wrong – Sweet LA, Michael Murica Feat. Jolene
Release Date
5th October 2015
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Wrong – Sweet LA, Michael Murica Feat. Jolene

    Hot on the heels of their incredible release – Don’t Look Back, featuring Beckii Power – Sweet LA are back with yet another legendary collaboration. The South coast duo have enlisted producing talent Michael Murica for this summertime smash, Wrong, with home-grown singer/songwriter Jolene on vocal duties.

    An addictive combination of playful beats and ethereal, synth based hooks, the producers’ original cut is a truly stunning production, with Jolene’s sultry, soulful tones working perfectly with the melodies.

    Onto the remixes, and first up we bring you man of the moment Rich Pinder, fresh from his Traxsource number one. Pinder absolutely smashes it with a ground shaking beat from the offset, and succeeds in giving the track an injection of peak-time energy, whilst still preserving Jolene’s impeccable sound.

    Electrik Cat rounds things off, with a tech-house take on the chilled original. Like Rich Pinder, the London born producer picks up the ante, adding a main-room beat and looping Jolene’s raspier, powerhouse top-lines to create this tougher, club-ready sound.