Take Me Higher EP – Tenacious
Release Date
7th April 2017
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Take Me Higher EP – Tenacious

    This next release on OneFold DGTL is a two track, main room EP from London trio Tenacious. With title track ‘Take Me Higher’, they serve up an instantly likeable sound with groove laden beats and invigorating vocal hook. And with their dreamy, ethereal build nestled in the middle, Tenacious ensure this track is head and shoulders above the competition, standing out from it’s fellow dependable dance floor staples.

    Second track, ‘Acid’, is a psychedelic concoction of bouncing synths and choppy percussion tones. Add in the hyper vocal percussion and stunningly accurate vocal line ‘You guys just need to hear this amazing beat’, and you end up with an infectious, underground carnival vibe that’s just asking to be danced to.