Sickness Dub – Jake Twell
Release Date
9th May 2016
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Sickness Dub – Jake Twell

    Onefold’s very own Jake Twell is at the OneFold Digital helm next with this massive release, ‘Sickness Dub’. Whirring crescendos and energetic breakbeats come together to give us a beautifully unique sound, showing off the youngster’s production skills as he hones into the intricate details of the melodies while still creating a club-friendly giant.

    The EP then serves up an incredible re-work from ITSJSH, who, retaining the quirkiness of the original, gives the beat a solid constancy, keeping us hooked with a steady stream of whirring breakdowns.

    Twell then ups the pace for second track, ‘The Warbler’, pulling together tough percussion and grinding melodies to whet the whistle of tech lovers everywhere.