Precious – Sweet LA & Michael Murica Feat. Linda Axelsson
Release Date
28th March 2016
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Precious – Sweet LA & Michael Murica Feat. Linda Axelsson

    We bring you a whole host of talent for this next release, Precious. Sweet LA make their return to OneFold, this time joining forces with Romanian producing talent Michael Murcia and singer songwriter Linda Axelsson. The EP showcases the breath-taking collaboration on title track Precious™, with a heavier overhaul on the remix from fellow producing trio Emeskay.

    The original mix kicks off with a dark, punchy beat, that quickly unfolds into an impressively multi-faceted track, full of panoramic melodies, pulsating percussion and Axelsson’s deliciously husky vocals. It’s then down to Emeskay to re-work the track with tougher beats and a low, distorted chorus intertwined with Axelsson’s original. One facet the trio have chosen to retain are the single, soaring synth lines, which partway through the track lend a dramatic drop to the otherwise full-pelt sound.
    A shining example of how sometimes many cooks can in fact make a damn fine broth.