Out Of The Scene EP – Upright (PT)
Release Date
3rd March 2017
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Out Of The Scene EP – Upright (PT)

    Next up on OneFold DGTL we see minimal tech house meet peak time domination in Upright’s epic new EP, ‘Out Of The Scene’. The Portuguese beat maker kicks his 3 track smash off with ‘Out Of The Scene’, a punchy cut with a low, dogged beat and rattling percussion flashes of both male and female vocals are added to the mix to create this quietly powerful sound that’ll certainly hold its own on any dance floor. ‘Getsome’ follows with a simple a sublime selection of rippling percussion and pulsating synths, expertly underpinned with fast, yet simple beats

    Enlisting the talents of LUCER and CharlieX for final track, ‘This Is Not’, the EP goes out on a high, with this slow burner building into an infectious, chunky club anthem with deliciously low, thudding bass and frenetic, main-room primed synths.