Never Goodbye EP – Lost & Found
Release Date
22nd February 2016
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Never Goodbye EP – Lost & Found

    This latest release on OneFold Digital comes from producing talent Lost & Found, and if it’s fresher than air sounds you’re looking for, then you’ve struck gold with this three-track gem.

    First up, title track Talking Reckless, featuring Sophie, whose hypnotic looping vocals melt into the track’s steady, punching beat, creating a sound you can’t help but get lost in. ‘I like hearing myself talk, one of my greatest pleasures’, the lyrics muse, and once you’ve heard her dulcet tones on this record, we’re sure, like us, you’ll agree.

    The EP continues with a dirtier, dance floor geared track, Hot 4 Cash. Layers of deep, pulsating bass, distorted vocal loops and ominous build ups make up this distinctly after-hours sound. And continuing into the realm of murky, underground house, final track Modern Prometheus opens with a hair raising, cage-rattling build up, breaking into a solid, main-room worthy beat. Distant melodies and crashing peaks make for an absolute roller coaster of a record that would be sure to tear up any dance floor.

    An innovative, forward thinking EP, that’s got us itching to hear more from Lost & Found.