Lost In You – Beave Feat. Bethany Lamb
Release Date
21st March 2016
Catalog ID

Lost In You – Beave Feat. Bethany Lamb

    Next up on the OneFold Digital radar is fresh young talent Beave, who’s teamed up with aspiring vocalist Bethany Lamb for this outstanding demonstration of how vocal house should be done – Lost In You.

    Beave’s original mix keeps things simple, building a dance floor ready sound with a steady beat and energetic, pulsating melody. Lamb’s ethereal vocals steadily fade in, until her sugary tone is holding its own and leading the track to unmistakable chart-worthy territory.

    Producing triple-threat Sweet LA are on the remix, wasting no time with a thumping beat and adrenaline fuelled build to start things off. They cut and slice Beave’s original, interspersing splintered vocals with amped up melodies, creating a rougher sound that could hold its own among the very best peak time cuts around.

    An impressive collaboration from two fledging talents, and an impressive return to the OneFold circle for Sweet LA.