Im Back EP – SMOKI
Release Date
23rd December 2016
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Im Back EP – SMOKI

    This next release on Onefold Digital is from label alumni SMOKI, who’s explored a deeper, darker sound with this three-track, after hours EP, ‘Im Back’.

    Diving straight in, the UK talent serves up his full-throttle crowd jerker ‘Hypnotize’. An explosion of echoing bass, mechanical beats and jarring synths, this pounding club anthem lays the groundwork for this epic underground release.

    SMOKI follows up with ‘Nebula’, a quick moving, skittish cut with rattling beats and ominous flashes of percussion. ‘Too Easy’ completes the set, starting out as another deep and chunky beat-driven sound, before dissolving into a glowing, ethereal interlude, stealing the show with glittering synths and a gradual, breathtaking build.