The Humanity EP – The Reason
Release Date
9th November 2015
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The Humanity EP – The Reason

    Our next release on OneFold Digital is from newly formed group The Reason. Hailing from the East End, this isn’t the first we’ve heard from the talented trio – Jakk Black dropped his EP – House on the Hill – on Onefold early last year. This latest cut – Humanity EP – is minimal, techy house at it’s finest. A brilliantly crafted two track offering, the producers have sampled sections of Charlie Chaplin’s formidable speech from The Great Dictator, weaving it through their complex sounds with explosive results.

    The opener, Evolution, is a moody, ominous piece of tech-house, whilst with Humanity we get an even heavier, darker sound. The Reason’s mechanical beats and whirring synths provide the perfect backdrop for Chaplin’s hard hitting words about man vs machine, and no doubt declarations such as ‘let us all unite!’ would strike a chord with any peak-time crowd.

    Two distinctive tracks threaded seamlessly together.