Higher Calling – Chris Sammarco
Release Date
8th July 2016
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Higher Calling – Chris Sammarco

    Next up on OneFold Records we bring you ‘Higher Calling’, a lively slice off house from New Jersey talent Chris Sammarco. First up his original mix, where a fast, carnivalesque beat sets the scene for this dance-floor ready sound spilling with energy. Choruses of exuberant vocals and bouncing, beachy percussion finish off this impressive summer cut.

    Joey Martinez is first on the remixes, giving us a steadier, beat focused variant while keeping Sammarco’s summery festival vibes. Anthony DeVito rounds the EP off with his darker interpretation. Hollow echoes of the melody can be heard floating in and out of the jittering beat giving the track a distinctive underground sound, while he transforms the hook with a soulful, sophisticated sounding vocal.