Get On Up – Fin Evans
Release Date
11th May 2015
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Get On Up – Fin Evans

    After crashing onto the scene at the beginning of the year with his debut EP, Set Me Free, Fin Evans is back with this massive, club ready release, Get On Up. This two track offering is melodic house at its finest, full of finely tuned melodies and atmospheric grooves.

    With title track, Get On Up, Evans starts out with a simple, high octane beat, before serving up flashes of piano and an infectious, vocal loop for maximum dancefloor impact.

    And as the saying goes – what comes up, must come down – and that’s just what Evan’s does with the second track on the EP, Get Down. This mixing masterpiece is a melting pot of playful, quick-fire beats, and beautiful, paired down break-downs – resulting in something pretty spectacular.

    Two tracks you’re definitely going to be hearing a lot more of in the coming months.