Dream House – Lloyd B Feat Stuart Rowe
Release Date
16th December 2016
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Dream House – Lloyd B Feat Stuart Rowe

    Lloyd B takes centre stage for this latest OneFold Records release, with his groove-laden dance anthem ‘Dream House’. Featuring the slick R&B sounds of Stuart Rowe on vocals, the EP also serves up two mammoth remixes from Tempo Elektrik and Dirty Mango.

    The London based talent’s original mix kicks off with a glossy, energetic beat paving the way straight to the dance floor, while Rowe’s polished vocals take centre stage, making for an infectious vocal-house finish.

    Reining back the original on the first of the remixes is Tempo Elektrik, leading in with a stunning, cinematic build of spine-tingling proportions. Falling into a soft, hypnotic beat, the re-work slows Rowe’s vocal hook down, creating an easy-listening, syrupy sound.

    Picking up the energy to round things off is Dirty Mango, with his tough, underground re-imagination of the original. A calculated explosion of sound, with varying distorted vocal loops and the familiar low, rumbling beats of your favourite late night haunts.