Deep In Love EP – Archie B
Release Date
1st June 2015
Catalog ID

Deep In Love EP – Archie B

    Next up we bring you, ‘Deep In Love’, a banger of an EP from home-grown talent, Archie B. Packed full of tough beats and hard hitting vocals, this two track offering is a sure-fire main room hit.

    ‘Got To Get High’ plunges straight in the deep end with a punchy beat and spine-tingling synth line, before the powerful female vocal soars in, effortlessly carrying the sound. Whilst the vocal top-line is undoubtedly at the heart of the track, it’s Archie’s attention to detail that truly makes it. Take the barely-there vocal melodies that can be – just about – heard under sections of the beat. It’s these sorts of subtle additions – which while easily missed with a cursory listen, in fact completely transform a track – that set a good producer apart from a great one.

    The upcoming talent then gives us an equally energetic sound with ‘Set Out Your Love’; a fast paced record with playful vocal layers and a simple yet unbelievably infectious melody. Two solid pieces of house that should definitely be going to the top of your playlists.

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