Clownface EP – Latecomer & Justin Pak
Release Date
20th January 2017
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Clownface EP – Latecomer & Justin Pak

    ‘Clown face’ is the latest EP stomping onto your OneFold DGTL radar, a massive collaboration from electronic all rounders LATECOMER (UK) and tech house rising star Justin Pak.

    First up they give us a masterclass in organised chaos with title track, ‘Clownface’. Bursting with rough and ready energy, this ingenius cut centres around a commanding, hungry bassline, with a low, grooving melody rumbling in the background. Long, drawn out sirens and a simple, retro topline cut into the mix, making for a peak time ready sound armed for any dance floor.

    On the flip side, we sink into the deeper side of tech house with ‘Fat Controller’. A low, chugging bassline fleshes out the track, while rattling percussion notes and lazy, distorted vocals finish off this unique cut.