Be Alone – Ghostee
Release Date
27th April 2015
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Be Alone – Ghostee

    Next up we bring you new material from upcoming talent Ghostee, with his inspiring new EP Be Alone. All high energy and catchy beats, this is tech house at its finest – and with the likes of AndMe and Dots Per Inch on the remixes, we have no doubt that this is going to be a huge release for 2015.

    The original mix is full of surprises – starting out with a hollow, punchy bassline and tinny melodies, the industrial, tech-heavy sound is soon transformed with syrupy, soulful vocals – making for a truly standout piece of house. The kind of cut that hooks you from start to finish, Ghostee switches up the momentum mid-track, letting it almost fall to silence before revving the beat back up for a proper peak-time moment.

    On the remixes, AndMe. shows off his skills with injecting dancefloor-ready peaks and drops into Ghostee’s complex melodies, while South Coast producer Dots Per Inch brings us back to basics with an infectious, beat-focused mix. A sure sign that Ghostee is one name you’re going to want to take note of this coming year.