Backroom EP – Tom Jagger
Release Date
29th June 2015
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Backroom EP – Tom Jagger

    Our next release sees us welcome Leeds producer Tom Jagger into the fold, with his new EP, Backroom. Named after the home of his Friday night residency, Backroom sees him delve into the inky depths of tech-house with hard-hitting vocals and gritty baselines, coming up trumps with an after-hours sound worthy of any main room.

    The three-track EP kicks off with God’s Love, a deliciously sinister sound with a deep, echoing bass and groaning, siren-like synths. He then switches up the tempo with Blurred Vision (I Need You), giving us an almighty drop and an infectious, squelching bass that’s bound to get you jumping. Inaugural makes it a hat trick, a funk-laden cut full of dance floor potential.

    Jagger’s complex use of vocals ensures this EP stands head and shoulders above its underground peers, the crowning glory undoubtedly the ominous, spoken word mantra in God’s Love, ‘What love is this? This is God’s love’.

    If Backroom is a taste of what’s to come from Jagger, the future looks very bright indeed.